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Published on January 30, 2008

Rock Summit ran organization touring the nation in search of talented bands among local music scenes, will make a stop in Pensacola, at Bedlam on Saturday, February 9th. Rock Summit began in Pensacola, Florida 3 years ago while Derrick Knight, the founder was in his senior year of high school. It all began when he was tired of seeing bands in his local scene struggle. So he decided to produce a summit where everyone could connect, benefit, share thoughts, ideas and talents to strengthen the area’s local music scene-while having fun at the same time. After his sophomore year of college and promoting several hugely successful Rock Summits in Florida, Derrick relocated to New York City with a vision to further pursue his promotional career and set out to expand Local Rock Summits across the country.

  Rock Summit grew in 2007 with events in Northeastern cities including New York City and Philadelphia. Local bands across the country now have a chance to be recognized for their talent on a national platform because of the growth of Rock Summit. 90 cities have been chosen to host a Local Rock Summit this year. One local band from each city will be selected to perform at their area’s Regional Rock Summit. The most popular bands from each of the 6 Regional Rock Summits will move on to perform at the National Rock Summit. The band with the most votes at National Rock Summit will receive a national distributing, marketing, licensing, and manufacturing deal for their next music project.

 This event allows everyone in the local scene a chance to make new connections and the chance for local bands to be recognized and rewarded for their outstanding talents. The band that does stand out the most will have a chance to realize their biggest dreams of national success.

  At the Rock Summit, each band will perform four of their best songs. The venue hosting “LRS IV” this year is Bedlam; a 3 story facility with a courtyard, balconies and excellent sound equipment. The sets will run back-to-back providing a constant flow of various rock music genres. At the event, fans will be to take part in choosing which band will go on to perform at their area’s Regional Rock Summit.

  Rock Summit will come back home to where it all started for a stop in Pensacola, Florida at Bedlam on Saturday, February 9th, at 7PM. Admission is $10 which helps finance the music project of the band selected at National Rock Summit. Bands performing include: Never Say Never, The Kane Madness, All In Vayne, Acoustifunk, Mordacious Exenteration, Fathomless Embrace, The Black Hawk Alliance, Bear and His Daughter, Dearestazazel, Alliance of Us and Them, Korillian, Inhabition, Bipolar Bear, The Hand Me Downs, 3D, Before the Outcome, Victory On Fire, and Terrific Kid.

 Rock Summit founder Derrick Knight says, “This is such a unique and exciting event for bands to be a part of because the music genres will be mixed and so will the crowd. It is great way for bands to reach new fans they may have previously been unable to reach. The Rock Summit promotes opportunity and everyone in the local scene comes out to support, which is why bands really enjoy being apart of the event.”

 Beyond playing local venues, Rock Summit r is an ideal solution for local bands who want to play larger crowds while also giving them a chance to grow their notoriety from local and regional to national. Music fans benefit from seeing the best of local talent under one roof, all in one amazing night.

 “Rock Summit was a great opportunity and event to be a part of. We made some good connections at the summit!” says Thomas White of The Black Hawk Alliance, who performed at Pensacola Local Rock Summit in 2007.  He continues, “It was one of our best shows, the crowd size was great, and we received a great crowd reaction!”

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