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There is no nice way to put this, so I am just going to come right out and say it.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are going somewhere to be interviewed please do not be dressed like you are going to a party or a club.
Ladies, do not have your knockers out and showing, mini skirts so high up that you can see what kind of underwear you wearing, piercings all over your face, bright make up that makes you look like a clown, and talking like you are talking to one of your friends or texting.
Gentlemen, please do not have your pants sagging so low that other people can see your boxers hanging out, grill in your mouth, wear clothes that looks like you just got out bed, shirts with inappriopate things, or so many chains on your neck.
Ladies, you are not a video vixen and gentlemen you are not rappers. There is not a single company that will hire you dressed like that.
Remember, that what you wear reflects your personality and your professionalism. So dress appropriately.
This has been Real Talk with J, have a nice day

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