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Dear J,

I really like this person but I am too shy to even approach him, when we pass each other he waves but I can only look down to hide my blush. How can I be more brave and approach him?

Dear writer,

I would like to thank you for writing to me about your situation.

The best way to approach this person is to first take a deep breath when you see him and walk up to him.

Start off small with a conversation and work your way through until you are more comfortable talking to him, smile and get to know him. He say something funny laugh but do not make it obvious that it is a fake laugh.

Make a small joke asking him “your girlfriend won’t be mad with you talking to me, will she?” If he says “no I don’t have a girlfriend,” You are in the clear. It is always best to be honest, make your intentions known and tell him how you feel.

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