Barron’s Corner: PSC student section comes to life

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Barron’s Corner: PSC student section comes to life

Sports Editor Barron Demons

By Barron Demons

The student section has shown their support for the basketball team since the first home game against Southwest Tennessee Community College (SWTCC). Students have shown up in large numbers, giving the Pirates a lot to look forward to during the season.

Junior college sports teams usually won’t experience the student support larger institutions like Duke or Michigan State get. Nevertheless, Hartsell Arena has been filled with enthusiastic students who come to cheer on the Pirate basketball team.

In the first opening home game against SWTCC, loud Pirate students came to support the team. Students felt optimistic after the loss and applauded the team as they walked off the court into the locker room after a tough game. Students who attended that game set the standard and were excited to see their classmates right beside them.

Freshman Pirate baseball player James Parris has attended the games and gave his thoughts on students who come to support the team.

“When there’s a crowd, you’re going to put on your best game. It will help us win a lot. I can’t speak for everybody, but I will be here for every home game,” said Parris. He added that he will “definitely push for more students to come to the games.”

Repsey Munoz, a student at PSC who runs the concession stand for the basketball games, occasionally walks out to see the games and students cheering on the Pirates.

“It’s hard to see who all shows up that are students. I know most of our other athletes like the volleyball team and girls basketball team show up to all the games,” said Muñoz. “I would love to see more student body show up to the games.”

Sophomore point guard Daryl Lewis said students who show up to the games can improve the team’s play by simply cheering them on.

Photo by Barron Demons
Students react after the Pirates tie the game late in the second half
against Southwest Tennessee Community College.

“It will definitely improve our level of play because when you have a great crowd, you have so much more stamina, and it increases your blood flow. Me personally, I like a big crowd,” said Lewis.

“I know those guys very well so on their behalf, I know everyone would benefit from a large base crowd. My guys are high-energy guys, so they would definitely love that type of atmosphere.”

He also benefited from the students who showed up during the first home game of the season. “That was one of the funnest games I’ve played in, especially with the triple overtime,” said Lewis.

“Honestly I don’t know how far we would have made it without the students. I feel like they really played a big part in that game.”

Lewis shot 50 percent from the field last season and looks to do even better with supporting students behind him.

“A great team is always supported with a great crowd,” said Lewis