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Editor’s Farewell

By Minnie-Lee Bush

Photo by Sean Minton
Minnie-Lee “Mindi” Bush shows her lighter-hearted side.

When I went to orientation on a chilly December morning in 2016, I had no idea what my future would be at PSC. Now that I am graduating, I can happily say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

In high school, I was the awkward kid who got picked on for being different. Needless to say, I wasn’t the social type and I didn’t get involved much. When I made the decision to go to college, I made a promise to myself that it would be different. I was going to get involved and make a lasting impact at PSC.

In two years, I managed to accomplish my goal.

As a freshman, I didn’t know where to start. I was a history major with a heart full of drive and determination. It wasn’t until my English Comp I professor, Todd Neuman, pushed me to follow my love for writing. He introduced me to the Literary Roundtable, the Hurricane Review and The Kilgore Review. I am forever thankful for his guidance and his teachings. Not only am I a better writer, I am a better person.

My freshman year, I was introduced to Dr. Paula Ingram, the advisor for The Corsair who taught me many things and inspired me to change my major to journalism. She had given me so many opportunities to enhance my writing ability and to contribute to the paper. I have a drive that I haven’t felt in a while. That same drive pushed me to apply for the editor position. As a mentor, teacher, and friend, she has made my time at PSC an adventure.

While attending PSC, I will admit times did get tough, and there were times I felt so hopeless and stressed out that I didn’t know if I was going to make it to graduation.

On those days, I would walk into the newsroom and see the staff working hard but also laughing and having fun and so all those thoughts disappeared. I was home.

I was home, where I was welcomed.

To this day, I believe The Corsair is not just another college publication. It is a family of people from all different backgrounds.

I have made numerous friends who are all dear to my heart. I will miss them but I know my graduating doesn’t mean this is a goodbye. It is only time to continue on my journey and see where my imagination and writing takes me. I would want nothing more than to thank each one of you individually for all you have done for me.

In two years, I have become someone my high school self would not recognize. I have become a better person. I am stronger. I am thankful. I am a Pensacola State College Pirate.