Fagan named campus police chief

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Fagan named campus police chief
Police Chief Fagan discusses his new plans for PSC campus safety.

Chief Fagan hopes to build relationships with campus, community  

By Jimmy Pham

“We are friendly; we are approachable; we want to talk to people,” said new Pensacola State College Chief of Police Sean Fagan. As of May 2017, Fagan has been promoted from Assistant Director of the PSC Police department.

Although Fagan has 27 years of law enforcement experience, he’s still getting used to the many responsibilities of being chief. Busy as he is, Fagan tries his best to maintain a rapport with the community and the college by making himself as available and responsive as possible.  “I think that’s very important when you’re on this level … building relationships. That’s what my motto is,” Fagan said.

“I got big plans,” Fagan said. They include partnering with the Pensacola Police Department. “If an event happens, I want them to know that they can count on us and vice-versa, that we can count on them.”

Fagan understands the differences in the community and wants to play his part in protecting the diversity. “I think this is an outstanding community of people.” Fagan said. “They want to be here; they want to succeed. We want to help them in any way that we can.”

Fagan and his officers are here for anyone and everyone regardless of background. “I don’t want [students] to ever feel that they cannot come and discuss an issue with us. I look at everyone’s situation before I act and speak.” Fagan said. “I know from time to time people are going to get in trouble. There is always an option that we can work out.”

Some students and alumni feel as though college security has been non-existent. PSC student Darrell Howard, a Radiology major, notices a lack of PSC security presence. “I rarely see any police force or any type of security,” Howard said.

Keegan Walls, a General Studies alumni of PSC, took a similar stance. “I didn’t feel unsafe, but I definitely feel like there wasn’t as big of a presence there as needed.” Walls said.

Fagan has already implemented instructions for his staff of eight sworn officers and 15 public safety officers.  “One of the things that I’m trying to do is get our police officers and public safety officers out in the buildings and in our community to mingle with everybody,” Fagan said. “They are here to assist the students, staff, and faculty of this community and the guests as well.”

Students can contact PSC security by dialing 2500 from a shore telephone found on the campuses, or by dialing (850)484-2500. “Someone is always here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Fagan said. Students can also report anonymously via PSC’s public safety web page under Silent Witness Reporting.

In other staff changes, Shane Brannock has replaced Fagan as Lieutenant. Rick Steele, who has nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience is now the day shift sergeant, and Rodney Rani is now the evening shift sergeant.

Good relations with his staff will also be a priority for the new chief. “An outside life is really important to law enforcement. This is your job, but when you leave I want you to have your family life– or whatever life you want for yourself. Whatever I can do to help them do that, that’s what I do,” Fagan said.

“I’ve just been really impressed with the people that work here. They’ve all stepped up; they’ve pitched in. The new transition, so far, has been really smooth. We’re headed in a very good direction right now.”

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