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Publlished: March 30 2005

Hilary Duff is a good role model for girls

Hilary Duff provides an example for young girls to follow.  Unlike her counterpart, Miss Lindsay Lohan, Hilary still holds an innocence about her that just is not found in today’s pop princesses. 

While the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan are going around getting away from the girlish image that gave them their fame, Hilary spends her free time promoting her movies (which are aimed at younger girls) and keeping up the squeaky clean image that has defined her.  Lindsay, on the other hand, spends her time clubbing in revealing attire and evading the paparazzi, usually with an acknowledging smirk on her face.

Hilary is the kind of role model that is perfect to reach out to preteen and young teenage girls.  In a time when sexuality is so common among middle and high schools, girls can look to role models like Hilary for inspiration to achieve a dream, rather than make one or two guys happy on prom night.

For those who don’t own both girls’ albums, I encourage you to at least listen so some of both.  While Lindsay Lohan has a great song in “Over,” both of Hilary’s albums have many great songs on them, while Lindsay’s album has just one.

Another thought to ponder, the only reason Lindsay Lohan even made a record was because she is egomaniacal and arrogant, and only wanted to be better and more popular than Hilary Duff is.

-Brian McLellan

OfCorsair Village Idiot

What I have to say about Lindsay Lohan

But Linday Lohan is hot, yo.


-Matt Foster

OfCorsair Slave Writer

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