Robinson Honors Program celebrates athletes

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Robinson Honors Program celebrates athletes
Submitted photo
Amanit Jubril accepts her Robinson Honors Program award from Dr. Brenda Kelly

By Barron Demons

Aminat Jubril and AJ Yates continue to play the sport they love while being members of Pensacola State College’s Robinson Honors Program.

Most athletes, whether on scholarship or walk-on, attend school to be a part of a sporting team and to obtain their degree. Jubril and Yates are extending their knowledge beyond school and sports, becoming part of the 27 PSC students honored on November 29 into the Robinson Honors Program.

Jubril balances basketball while being a member of the Honors Program. She’s a native of Lagos, Nigeria, and came to the United States in 2015. Coming from Nigeria, Jubril had to get accustomed to living in the United States, but school was never an issue for her.

“Lagos is the business capital of Nigeria. That’s where people come to work and everything, so there is a lot of educated people there,” said Jubril.

“She is so driven about doing well in the classroom,” said Head Basketball Coach Clentia “Penny” Belford.

“I think a lot of people don’t really understand, coming from where she’s from, education is really important, especially when you get the opportunity to come to the United States on a scholarship of any kind.” “I know that’s something she would want to do because that’s how important her grades are to her,” said Belford.

Jubril joined Phi Theta Kappa and has been a member since last year.

“My first time, I was invited to join the program and I was told I could learn a lot from them, so I decided to join,” said Jubril.

Jubril plans to go into the medical field but is undecided on her occupation.

Yates is a freshman who handles playing baseball while also being a member of the Robinson Honors Program as well.

“A lot more time is involved in college baseball than it is in high school and it can be hard sometimes when you’re traveling,” said Yates. “Being at some of the hotels, they sometimes have internet so I always carry my computer around.”

Submitted photo
Dr. Brenda Kelly presents AJ Yates the certificate of recognition of Robinson Honors Program.

This is Yates first year with the Honors Program and he “enjoys being part of the group.”

“I was part of student ambassador [high school] which somewhat has to do with some of the things the Honors Program does, so I just wanted to get into something in college that was in the same aspect.”

The Honors Program provides academically-gifted students a chance to continue enhancing their academic careers while also reaching out to the community. The Program offers a variety of opportunities for any students seeking to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom. Students take on an experience within themselves and with others to reach a heightened level of accomplishments and competency.

If you are interested and want more information on how to become a member of the Honors Program, visit the PSC website and click the academic tab, or contact Honors Program Director Amber Carey in Building 14, office 1475.

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