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Matt Foster

Published: September 14, 2005

Students seeking employment may be able to find help at Student Job Services, located on the Pensacola Campus.

For nearly 30 years, Student Job Services has offered a myriad selection of resources for students who are seeking employment, the main tool of which is, “PJC works online.”

PJC Works is an online database where registered students (or graduates) can go to view up-to-date job postings that range in variety from a legal assistant to working as a cashier at Albertsons to babysitting.

Currently, 265 jobs are posted online for viewing, and more than 1,734 different organizations have posted jobs on the website since its creation just two years ago.

Using the website is easy, provided an individual is registered in the Student Job Services database.

Once a student logs in using an identification number and password, viewing the selection of available jobs becomes an easy task by selecting search criteria such as major, computer skills, and others.

“We try to make it as user friendly as possible, because we want students to take advantage of this service,” head of Student Job Services, Ken Shugart, said

If students don’t take advantage of PJC works, Shugart says that they are losing key opportunities available to them.

The service is provided for potential employers to post job openings free of charge.

“By providing the resource free of charge for employers, we are providing a resource for students,” Shugart said.

PJC Works online is not the only way students can benefit from Student Job Services however.

Located in the office is a newly updated reference library for students to get tips on making resumes and how to conduct successful job interviews.

Individual help is even provided for students who wish to post their resumes online by use of a program called WinWay Resume.

Student Job Services also houses the cooperative education program where students can apply for jobs with the help of Gil Bixel, Cooperative Education Coordinator.

“Our goal is to aid every student in being able to complete their degree,” Bixel said. “Our students are given real life duties.”

Graduates also can benefit from using Student Job Services, provided they registered with the program before graduating.

“You have to be sensitive of what’s going on with anybody that walks into this office,” Shugart said. “You have to be tuned into the students. You can’t help them if you don’t know what they’re doing.”

Student Job Services is located in building 6, room 610.