Voting Day is Right Around the Corner

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Voting Day is Right Around the Corner


by Spenser Garber

November 4th, 2014. Midterm elections are so close you can almost taste them. Don’t forget to go out to your local polls to vote this year.

It is very important to go out and vote, as it is one of the most important parts of how the US government works. Voting gives the people a chance to express their opinion on certain subjects and certain people. Unfortunately, the numbers could be better with the younger generation.

About 50% of voters ages 18-28 voted in 2012. It is not surprising that younger people don’t go out and vote. It is statistically proven that Millennials either don’t care or don’t know about the issues at hand. If you are interested in voting, there are plenty of resources to help you vote on Tuesday.

Your county web site can give you links to sample ballots. For example, the Santa Rosa County web site is On here, you can also view where your voting precinct is located. can give you your local issues by county. It also gives you information on the candidates financial campaign contributions and their stances on the issues.

If you want your voice to be heard, it is imperative that you go out and vote on Tuesday. Voting precincts usually have a long period of time in which you can vote. My local precinct is open from 7-7, and I suspect many other precincts do the same.

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