We are not in High School anymore

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We are not in High School anymore

By Minnie-Lee Bush

The transition from high school to college is not easy.

I’m sure everyone will hear that repeatedly. Turns out most of the time, they’re wrong. It is not the transition- it’s dealing with people you’re stuck with in the high school frame of mind that is the hard part.  

In high school, it was cool to talk during class and play on your phones all the time. You were seen as a badass if you talked back to a teacher.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Being disruptive in college is not cool. It’s  rude and childish.

When I walked out of the doors of my high school, I felt like I could fly. I was finally escaping the torment of the hellions that deemed themselves to be the most cool by who could show the most disrespect to their teachers and fellow classmates.

This is not high school. PSC is a state accredited college where people have paid to sit in the classrooms to receive their education. I am positive they did not pay to watch you walk into class late or miss part of a lecture because you decided to talk over the teacher.

Bullying is the worst act of immaturity I have seen not only in freshman students but students from all ages. We are all human beings so it is only fair to say that we outright judge others.

Even though we have judgmental mindsets, smart and respectful people know how to internalize it.

A bile taste forms in my mouth when I see students make fun of another student just to impress their friends or a possible crush.  I have seen it countless times by mostly male students mocking other students to impress a female. After they get her to laugh,they lean back in their seats in triumph while the student who was their target slinks in their chair.

How do we make the bullying stop? Simply put. grow up. I know this is a hard concept for most, but I assure that it will help you in the end.

We are PSC students.

We all sit in these classrooms.

We all are hear to better ourselves.

We are all equal.

We all deserve respect.