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Super heroes and war

Published: March 8, 2006 Although “Holy Terror, Batman!” may be the dark knight’s first foray into the wars of the real world, it isn’t the first time a comic book super hero has gone to war.  During the late 1930s, and into the 1940s, many comic book creators showed their characters fighting the war in...


Miller’s Dark Knight goes to war

Michael Rutschky Published: March 8, 2006 Last month at WonderCon in San Francisco, comic book creator Frank Miller unveiled his plans for a 200 page graphic novel which will bring Batman into the war on terror.  The project will be titled “Holy Terror, Batman.” Miller, who’s popular comic book series Sin City was recently adapted...


Hallmark Career Fair

Katie Coseo Last Friday PJC students and faculty from the phlebotomy and nursing programs attended the career fair hosted by Communities in Schools of Northwest Florida at Hallmark Elementary School. Students from all grade levels had the opportunity to meet and greet with several companies and educators to learn what they did for a living....



Running Wild has announced its summer training program targeting anyone interested in leading a healthier lifestyle and getting into shape. “My First 5K” is a 12-week training program designed specifically for beginning runners, providing participants the opportunity to train one-on-one with running experts. There will be weekly coached training sessions starting every Monday and Wednesday...


The new board of trustee’s room doesn’t affect PJC’s budget

Julie Simmons In the middle of budget cutting, PJC has decided to remodel the board of trustees meeting room. “Recently our board and the state approved our five year Capital Improvement Plan which totals more than 70 million dollars in new construction, renovation and remodeling,” said PJC President, Dr. Ed Meadows. Peter Wilkin, the vice...