A goodbye Ledditor from the Editor

by Daniel Cheer

It’s taken me quite some time to mull over how I wanted to write this letter from the editor or Ledditor as I plan to call it. 

I guess I could start at the beginning. Confession time: I had little to no interest in Journalism when I started at the Corsair. I was back on the college scene at Pensacola State College (PSC) and wanted something to do. 

However, as I began writing and getting the hang of all the “absolutely necessary and justified” rules of journalism, I discovered my secret passion in room 9655. I recall whenever the previous EIC asked me about my inspiration, I told him Lois Lane.

Now at the time I thought it made me sound stupid, but as the years progressed, I’ve come to realize just how much I have modeled my journalist career after the fictional reporter of The Daily Planet. Both Ms. Lane and myself are willing to walk across broken glass, risking life and limb in order to uncover the truth.

During my time as both a writer and eventually as the editor-in-chief, I’ve come to meet many different and talented artists and writers. I equate the experience to being a scribe on sabbatical during the renaissance.

I’d like to think I have had a pretty successful run as the EIC. If I had to put a label on the one biggest challenge that I underwent it had to be running a print newspaper in the middle of COVID-19.

I equate this experience to Dante’s trip through the seven circles of hell, but a very watered-down version of it. 

When I wasn’t scraping the bottom of a Grand Canyon-sized barrel in order to find stories for the writers that didn’t have to do with COVID and insert topic here, I with the help of my amazing staff, made the conscious effort to put together an online newsletter so that the news could still be delivered to the students of PSC.

But no successful goodbye letter is sans people I thank for making my experience one of the best of my lifetime (so far). I’ve always been fond of the phrase “I’d like to thank all the people I’ve stepped on to get where I am today.” There are some I’d like to make sure get mentioned in this leditor.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Kanye West. Without his insane ramblings and actions, I wouldn’t have written my favorite piece for The Corsair.

Next, to Enrique Viveros. Without Enrique’s friendship and encouraging words kept me from my darkest points and addiction to Wendy’s that rivals my own kept me fueled to make some real tough decisions.

Continuing on to the English Department here at PSC, at least, the faculty whose classes I actually took. You made me rethink how I look at writing and how to truly think critically about literature. 

Of course, I have to mention every staff member of The Corsair. This rag-tag team of artists and writers have become like a third family to me. I know you’ll miss my quirky email openings, but I have faith you’ll continue on relatively unscathed.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to personally thank Dr. Paula Ingram. She not only taught me the basics of Journalism, she challenged me to become a better journalist. I like to think I’ve met this challenge but we have so much more to discover about each other. It’s complicated.

Now we come to the closing. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. To PSC, The Corsair, and all those people in-between, It’s been real and it’s been fun, so i guess for one final time, it’s been real fun.


Daniel T. Cheer

Editor-in-Chief of The Corsair