Album Review: “Coconut Oil” by Lizzo

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Album Review: “Coconut Oil” by Lizzo
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By Sean Minton

Many men and women feel like their looks are not ideal and stress over the thought of “a perfect body,” but musician Lizzo wants everyone to embrace their beauty no matter what shape, size or color they are. She expresses this sentiment through her music.

Lizzo is an upcoming Alternative hip-hop Artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her music is a mix of various elements from Jazz-Pop to hip-hop soul. It is certainly different from mainstream hip-hop. She has produced three albums, the latest one is Coconut Oil.

This 19 minute long album only holds six songs; however, that is all the time Lizzo needs to get you on your feet and moving. Each song has its own unique sound making the album very versatile for different types of listeners to enjoy.

Coconut Oil’s main genre is hip-hop, but every song sounds completely different from the next. The first song on the album, Worship has a jazzy tune that makes you want to automatically dance.

Next is Phone, a club-dance song that is silly and catchy. It’s leading chorus “Where the Hell’s my phone?” is something everyone will be singing the next time they misplace their cellular device.

While you are looking for your phone, you can then “feel your look” with the song Scuse Me. Lizzo excuses the haters, takes a moment to appreciate her looks and does not let anyone else say otherwise stating “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen.” This song is more laid back with a modern hip-hop vibe showing that Lizzo can keep up with other mainstream rappers as well.

After Scuse Me, is Deep, an islander dance hit. This down tempo tune will put you in the mood to grab a partner and hit the dance floor. The melody is smooth and calming. It’s sure to have you asking your partner “how deep is your love.”  

Following the soothing vibe is one of Lizzo’s most popular songs, Good As Hell. This anthem is for those who need to leave bad relationships behind and focus on themselves to “feel good as hell.” The leading hook is “If he don’t love you anymore, than walk your fine ass out the door.”

Last is  the single Coconut Oil. This soulful song mixes old school gospel melodies with a hip-hop beat, complete with an organ. Lizzo steps back to rap about her past self to say we cannot do all things; just slow down and enjoy the moment.

Overall, this album expresses a rollercoaster of emotions from showing your love to someone to leaving your unhealthy relationship to live a better life. Lizzo’s music is empowering to both men and women experiencing low self-esteem and low body confidence. Whether you are in this category or not, listen to Coconut Oil. It is sure to boost your self-confidence.

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