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American Sign Language Club Sells Ducks for Charity

Adriana Dueck

The Corsair

Have you ever received a funny and unique Valentine’s Day gift?  Have you ever wanted a gift set complete with a rubber ducky and an assortment of chocolates?  On Feb. 13 & 14 the American Sign Language club introduced many first timers to the unique gift set in a fundraiser in building 5 at the Pensacola Campus.  The sale was an annual event held by the club to raise money for club causes and future projects.  Each year they take the money that they  make and set aside a portion for the next year’s duck fundraiser, and this year the cause is a planned fall workshop that will further equip local students and interpreters with assisting the deaf and blind.

“It’s has been going absolutely wonderful,” Avis Gannell the club president said.  “The staff has been very supportive and are major purchasers of the gift sets.  They’re perfect for Valentine’s day.”

The American Sign Language Club is one of the many activities on campus that allow students to not only build their list of extracurricular activities but also network and meet other students with similar goals and interests.

“I’ve been involved with the club since my second year at the college.  This my second year as Vice-President,” Sandie Cruz said.

“I have been very involved with the I Love You Ducks. I helped Avis put them together,  put them in their bags, made sure they were cute and decorative for everybody.” She said.  “It took us about two-and-a-half hours to work on about 40 ducks.”

The I Love You Duck sale was funded entirely with the money made from previous I Love You Duck sales and profits will go towards the next sale and future projects.  Students who would like more information or to become a member can send an email to or become a fan the club on Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Adriana Dueck