Back to Back Win For The Pirates

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Shauna Cook- The Corsair It was a back to back win for the Pirates on Jan. 18 taking a second conference win against Chipola College 45-42. After the Pirates defeated the #1 ranked team, Northwest Florida, they proved they have what it takes to go all the way. Pirates started off the game with a 8-0 lead.  Towards the end of the first half, with 6:32 remaining on the clock, Chipola was able to tie with the Pirates 12-12. Even with the opportunity to catch up, it was impossible to take the lead from the Pirates. It was a tough game, with a lot of great defense from both the Pirates and the Indians, but the defense wasn’t good enough to hold back the Pirates from another successful conference win. David Alexander was the Featured Player of the week pulling 10 points for the Pirates. The top dog of the game was Antoine Myers scoring 14 points. The overall record for the Pirates is 18-3 and Conference record is 2-1. Way to go Pirates!

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