Bid for new vendor in Student Center begins

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DUSTIN TONEY – The Corsair

Pensacola State College has begun the bidding for a new vendor in the Student Center, Building 5. The establishment is meant to provide students an alternative food service to the restaurants and chains surrounding the campus. It will be located in the deli area across from the book store. Various business owners have expressed interest in the available location and are now in process of submitting proposals. Potential candidates include: Subway, Cici’s Pizza, Shirley’s Deli, Margie’s, Wing King, and Los Rancheros.

“This will be a Request for Proposal. There will be several evaluation factors, including type of menu, commission structure, marketing, and experience,” said Angie C. Jones, facilitator of the RFP and purchasing/auxiliary services director of Pensacola State College. “The RFP process will take a little more than a month. There is only space for one vendor in the Student Center, but we are very excited about all the interest.”

Student Activities Administrative Assistant Angie Jones, is hoping for something versatile. She is serving on the evaluation committee that makes the recommendation for vendors. Working with SGA and various clubs around campus, she assured that student requests have been kept in mind. In an e-mail interview, she expressed her approval for the bid. “This will give students a break in between classes and we want to see students on campus more than we do now.”

Purchasing Agent Angie C. Jones expressed similar sentiments. “Although we are a commuter school and there are many restaurants around Pensacola State College, we feel it is important to have an on-site location that’s student friendly and will supplement our newly renovated Student Center. We hope it will become the new gathering place on the Pensacola Campus. Sometimes students and faculty have a small window between classes to grab a bite, so this will be very convenient. Also, it’s hard to leave campus once you have a great parking spot.”

There is, however, more benefit for students than just a conveniently placed eatery. All proceeds through either commission based system or management fee based system, depending on the proposals will go to the auxiliary funds for the college, which in turn assists in projects taking place on campus as well as student needs.

Students’ desires will also be a major factor in determining which vendor will receive the slot. “As Purchasing Director, my office solicits, oversees the opening, evaluates, posts and manages the project from beginning to implementation of the vendor, as well as being the contact for any vendor issues that might arise throughout the contract period,” said Angie C. Jones. “The evaluation committee will consist of employees that represents faculty, staff, and students. Students have been surveyed in the past and we have outlined their preferences in the RFP. We have asked for proposals that address specific dietary needs as well as healthy options.”

It is not certain the exact timing of when the winning vendor will be announced, but Angie C. Jones said, “By the time we get the proposals evaluated and awarded, purchase the proper equipment, and get through the holidays, we anticipate the successful vendor to begin in January 2011. What a great way to start the new year!”