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Brent Scott

Published: October 11, 2006

Last month’s announcement of plans to build a racetrack in the Gulf Coast area that will more than likely host NASCAR events was music to the ears of many PJC students who follow the series.

On Sept. 12, Gulf Coast Entertainment, LLC, announced plans to build a major motor sports facility at one of two proposed locations in southern Alabama, scheduled to open in late 2009.  Gulf Coast Entertainment has some star power on its side with the participation of NASCAR’s famous Earnhardt family and former Mobile Mayor Mike Dow.

The group plans to build a 7/10-mile paved oval track, a 3/8-mile dirt track, a 3.5-mile road course, and a 1/4-mile drag strip.  The drag strip particularly sparks the interest of PJC student John Webb.

“I’m looking forward to making some runs down the strip in my car,” Webb said, standing by his electric blue 1992 Camaro RS Heritage.  “All of the drag strips around here are 1/8-mile strips, and I want to see what it will do on the quarter mile.”

Pharmacy major Alton Wilson looks forward to seeing some NASCAR action as well as going to the drag strip.
“It will be nice not having to drive all the way up to Talladega to watch a NASCAR race.  I wouldn’t mind making [a] run down the drag strip against John [Webb], too.”

Many students at PJC are involved in racing one way or another – legal or illegal.  Racing at the new road course or drag strip is a much safer and ultimately less expensive alternative for students than racing to the next stoplight with every person who stops beside them and revs their engine.  There is also no risk of a ticket.

Possibly the most exciting part of the deal to local racers is the potential of gaining notice from NASCAR or NHRA owners and becoming the big stars of tomorrow.

For more information about the Alabama Motorsports Park, visit the website at

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