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BigOven App Review

By Lauren Henderson     


Whether you’ve been in the kitchen for five minutes or fifty years the cooking app “Big Oven” is the app for you! “Big Oven” is an app used to make everyone’s kitchen life easier. This app provides you with step by step directions and a list of all of the ingredients needed for every recipe, it makes cooking any meal easy for anyone. With over 350,000 tasty recipes, a calendar to schedule meals, and a checklist for grocery shopping, “Big Oven” is convenient and easy to use. You simply make an account which only requires a username, email address, and password; and there you are with access to thousands of tasty recipes that satisfies any need you may have. From ten minute snacks to elaborate meals that take hours, “Big Oven” has it all. You have tons of menus to choose from when looking for a meal such as, cuisine, diet, weather, holiday, season, and popular. Then each of those menus is broken down into smaller categories. For instance, when you click on the holiday menu then individual categories appear such as Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and etc. “Big Oven’s” most fascinating feature is how you can use your left overs and make them into new meals so nothing goes to waste. You can either click on the category that says left overs and recipes that last for two days will appear or you can go to the search bar and type in three ingredients that you have and different meals will come up. This app keeps thousands of recipes and keeps your grocery list all on your phone which makes it easily accessible to accommodate for anyone’s busy lifestyle.

Size – 25.2MB

Computability – Requires ios 7.0 update and you need an apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.