Billie Eilish is Happier Than Ever in second studio album

Billie Eilish is Happier Than Ever in second studio album

by Enrique Viveros

Billie Eilish released her second studio album, Happier Than Ever, on July 30th. 

This fifty-six-minute and fifteen seconds album contains sixteen tracks. Leading up to the album’s release Eilish released five out of the sixteen tracks as singles. Lost Cause, NDA, My Future, Therefore I Am, and Your Power. In addition, made an announcement of a Love Letter to Los Angeles concert set to release this September 3rd on Disney+. Eilish stated in the announcement, “ I’ve never done anything like this before.”

This album contrasts her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? From a dark cover of Eilish cradling on a bed with clear white eyes while this album to a light heavenly cover where Eilish is looking upwards and crying.

The reason for this cover is because of the singer’s Synesthesia.  In a Vevo interview, Eilish stated, “To me, Your Power is this tan brown color and Happier Than Ever, the album, as a whole is also that color.” Synesthesia is a condition where when the brain activates one of the five senses; another sense is activated. For example, associating a sound to a color.

In the same Vevo interview, Eilish stated, “ I wanted to make a very timeless record that wasn’t just timeless in terms of what other people thought but really just timeless for myself.” Some inspiration for this album comes from artists like Frank Sinatra, Julie London, and Peggy Lee. “ One of her goals for this album was to make things feel like the same project but not like the same song over and over again. Fans can listen to this album how they like; however, Eilish states to get the best experience with this album, “ If your car has nice speakers or your friend’s car has my speakers. It’s raining here in a nice car with a good sound system, and just turn it up and just recline and close your eyes and listen.”  

The album starts  with track one, Getting Older, where Eilish talks about how while she’s getting older, things that she’d enjoy and long for are becoming boring and the reason why she’s employed. This track introduces one of the themes throughout the album, self-growth through trauma.

Then growls and barks of Eilish’s pitbull named Shark are heard at the beginning of track two; I Didn’t Change My Number. In this track, Eilish changes whom she talks or believes in due to a breakup. Saying she should have listened to Laura and Drew and their warnings about the guy she was dating.

On track seven, Lost Cause talks about someone who is a lost cause and can’t be changed. Eilish states how this person thought they were an outlaw; however, they turned out to be a person with no job and only thought about themselves. 

Track nine, NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY, acts as an interlude for the album. Originally this short film was shown as a transition for the song All The Good Girls Go To Hell during her world tour before COVID. In this film, she touches on how the public eye sees her and judges her. From her fashion to her body, she takes what’s said and judges herself. Eilish stated, “ Who decides what that makes me? What that means? Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?”

Your Power is the twelfth track  on this album, and it talks about an older person in a relationship with a younger girl; and how their power was manipulative. The innocent instrumentals help carry the story of this girl. The girl idolizes this person as a hero; however, this person ruined her in about a year. 

The thirteenth track, NDA, refers to an incident where Eilish had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement due to the conclusion of a past relationship. NDA’s beats transition into track fourteen, Therefore I Am, a song where Eilish twists the negative she’s heard or felt into self-empowerment. She talked about how this person means nothing to her, took their power over her, and made it her own..

In the title track of this album, Happier Than Ever, Eilish starts the song with Eilish talking about how when she’s away from the love interest, she’s happier and doesn’t know how to explain why. However, the song turns at the climax with her shouting and saying  why she’s happier without him. Ellish lists reasons such as him calling her while driving under the influence, making her feel scared, and manipulating her to shut her family and friends out. 

Overall, this album was a journey to listen to. I give this album a 9.5 out of 10 due to the personal lyrics and the experimental samples and instrumentals used to tell the story of self-growth.

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