Breakfast: Fuel for Thought

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Torie Hutchinson
The Corsair

The sunrise is a signal for most people to wake up for the new day. Grabbing a bite to eat after waking up has become a normal tradition.

According to Better Health Magazine, “Breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.” In easier terms, it awakens your body for the new day.

Having fresh energy can make people feel more alert and less drained during the day.

“People of all ages who eat breakfast are better at solving complex problems and have quicker reaction times,” Live Strong said. “A good breakfast has been linked to better brain function for both kids and adults.”

Most students say they do not have time to eat breakfast, yet often students do notice the effects of not eating it.

Pensacola State College freshman Antoine Williams said, “You’re less focused when your stomach is empty.”

People also notice bigger problems than not being able to focus as a result of skipping breakfast. UK newspaper Daily Mail reported, “Regularly skipping breakfast increases the risk of potentially deadly heart disease.”

Eating breakfast is important to for staying focused and healthy. A recent study proves watching one’s calorie intake is still needed though.

“German researchers studied the food intake of 280 obese adults and 100 of normal weight. The subjects kept records of everything they ate over two weeks, and were carefully instructed about the importance of writing down what they ate as soon as they ate it,” an article in The New York Times stated. The study reported that ”whether they ate a large breakfast, a small one or none at all, their non-breakfast calorie intake remained the same.”

Eating breakfast foods high in calories, like many pastries, is not recommended. Eating lower calorie options like most yogurts is a better choice for breakfast.

Many people do not know how to include breakfast into their daily lives, let alone a healthy breakfast.  Live Strong advises: “Preparing breakfast the night before or choosing healthy ready-to-eat options, such as nutritious breakfast bars, is another option that can cut down on time in the morning.”

Many college students, like Delta Lee, eat breakfast in their cars. Having pre-bagged sliced veggies and fruits could be a healthy, convenient idea.
Many people compare the human body to a car; to keep a car going you have to fill it with the fuel first. Nobody wants to put bad fuel into a car, especially at the beginning of a race. Make sure the body is being treated the same way; don’t start the day off with a bad breakfast. Beginning the day with a healthy choice can help lead to a day full of healthier decisions.