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Published: Thursday, September 18, 2008

Updated: Thursday, October 2, 2008

8/15/08  Non-student stole $111.90 worth of books from PJC Bookstore.  Restitution was made to bookstore, no arrest, warned against trespassing on all PJC campuses.  Case closed.

8/15/08  Grounds Compound on the Warrington campus- chain link fence cut, padlock removed from gas pump, unknown amount of gas was stolen.  Case remains under investigation.

9/2/08  Cell phone stolen from desktop in LRC on Warrington Campus when student walked away from desk.  $200 value.  Case remains under investigation.

9/4/08  DVD player mounted in building 4, room 472 was stolen from classroom.  $70 value.  Case remains under investigation.

9/4/08  5 pound ground beef rolls and 6 packs of hotdogs stolen from SGA Kitchen on Warrington Campus.  Value $25.75.  Case remains under investigation.

9/5/08  Wallet stolen from building 17.  No other information at this time.

9/8/08  Coca Cola vending machine suffered $300 worth of damage and $62 in cash was stolen from machine at PJC track area.  Case remains under investigation.

9/10/08  Student left his laptop computer, valued at $899 in his vehicle with the driver side door unlocked.  He was parked in lot 3.  When he returned to the vehicle, the laptop was gone.  Case remains under investigation.

9/12/08  Picture frame found in men’s restroom at PJC Milton Campus in building 4400.  The painting had been torn from the frame.  Unknown value of the painting.  Case remains under investigation.

9/16/08  Non-student viewing pornography on LRC computer on the main campus.  Person was removed from campus and warned against trespassing on all PJC campuses.

9/22/08 Disturbance – two female Adult High School students involved in verbal altercation over a boy.  Case closed.

Suspicious person – between buildings 10 & 11, around 12:30 p.m., white male, approximately 5’8″ with short dark hair approached female student and continually harassed and followed her while asking her to go out with him.  He identified himself as “Mike”.  Other reports of a male fitting the same description asking the same questions have been received.

9/23/08 Criminal Mischief – Pensacola Campus, lot 1, Student parked car in lot 1 between the hours of 9:35-11:40 a.m.  When she returned to her car, someone had scratched her hood.  Case under investigation.