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Published: January 24, 2006

Water, tissue paper all over the floor, stains and smells are all things to expect from most of the PJC restrooms.

However, there are a few who are able to somehow maintain a clean environment. Some examples are the music department (building 8), the art department (building 15), the business department (building 10), cosmetology department (building 12) and last but not least, the administration building.

Some of the reasons these buildings might be cleaner is simply because not as many people pass through those buildings as say for instance, buildings 1 and 4. Most of those buildings have the same people in them semester after semester; so maybe they try harder not to make a mess.

Let’s face it though, we are all supposed to be adults here. I mean come on we are in college. There is no excuse to throw tissue paper on the floor, or write obscenities on walls. We should take pride in our school and respect it as well as respect ourselves.

If you were at your house you would not throw your tissue paper on the floor, and females, you would not throw your personal trash on the floor. Then why would you do it at your school, where the majority of you probably spend most of your time anyway? 

According to Dr Isaac Brigham vice president of planning and administration, part of the problem has been that PJC custodians were understaffed because the salary rate was not enough for part time employees.  Recently PJC was able to increase the salary by $1 and are currently close to being fully staffed.

There is also talk about renovating some of the older restrooms like in the student center.

Hopefully with these changes our restrooms will improve but, we still have to do our part as students to help maintain a clean environment for everyone.