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Tabatha Fields
The Corsair

Cell Phones  are  a  part of  our  daily  life. They can be used for texting, checking e-mail, and  talking. However, students who use cell phones in the classroom may suffer consequences.

Pensacola State College policy regarding cell phones is as follows: Electronic devices, such as cell phones, cell phone cameras,  ipods,  pagers, etc. are to be turned to the off  position, while attending a class or Lyceum  Program.

Cell Phones can be distracting to the students and instructors if they ring in class. Also, talking on them in the middle of a lecture would be disrespectful to fellow classmates, as well as the instructor. There have been confrontations between students who are texting in class. The tapping on the keys from texting can distract others from hearing the instructor’s lecture.

On the other hand, they can be helpful for students depending on the circumstances. Charles Schuler, professor of  Humanities and Classics at Pensacola State College said “It does not agitate me when a cell phone accidentally  rings  in  class. I understand that some students are taking care of siblings, and those  mothers who  have young children need  to be notified in case of emergencies.”

Trinette Thurman,  a  student  majoring  in  Dental Hygiene said, “ I don’t have a problem without the use of cell phones in the classroom. Your cell phones should be left on silent, and if you have to take a call, you should step outside.” In contrast, Tonia Adams, a nursing student at Pensacola State College  said,  “ I don’t think it is right to not have the use of cell phones in the classroom. I think the policy is meant for the younger students who text in class. I think the older students who have kids at home should be able to receive calls in emergency situations.”

Students should know when and where to use their cell phones. Although some phone calls may need immediate attention, there are some calls that can wait after class.  Pat Hornacek,  developmental  Math I and II  instructor, at Pensacola State College said, “ I understand  students have responsibilities and will need their phones in case of emergencies. I ask my students to put their phones on vibrate , if they are expecting a call.”

On one point everyone is in agreement: cell phones are not going away. We are living in a time where technology is steady growing. “ I do expect my students to be respectful and honest enough to tell me the truth if they  are expecting an important call,” said Hornacek.

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