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Pensacola State’s cosmetology department has students, instructors, as well as high quality products and facilities. The only thing that it lacks is what Sue Halfhill, head of the cosmetology department, calls “young heads.”

“We have a lot of loyal customers, but they’re old,” Halfhill said. “Our kids want experience at what they call edgy, cutting edge.”

This really seems to be the case; many of their stylists’ chairs were filled, but few of the customers were students.

“Absolutely we want younger people,” Mike Robinson, adjunct professor, said. “We’d definitely like to be able to do a variety of age groups.”

Regardless of the low turnout of younger customers, the cosmetology students still work vigorously with their older clients and on mannequins.

“If they get a woman under 30 who wants something that’s popular and in style, they [the students] just go crazy,” Halfhill said. “Most of our students want to go into a field in which they have a younger clientele.”

But the department’s desire for “young heads” doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate their older patrons.

“Most of our students want to go into a field in which they have a younger clientele, but that doesn’t mean we turn down our loyal, true customers,” Halfhill said.

The entire department still gives it their all even without catering to the more stylish crowd.

“We’re new and we’re learning how to be creative in this program,” Pensacola State Cosmetology student Cheri Harley, said.

“They [the students] have put their lives on hold to get this training,” Halfhill said.

Cosmetology students are required to take approximately 1,200 hours in order to complete their degree.

“They [the students] are not allowed to work on customers until they’ve had 100 to 150 hours of study,” Halfhill said.

The students are also very vocal and confident in their abilities and products.

“We offer some fabulous services at great prices,” student Billie Seely, said.

“Whether you want the services of a cosmetologist or you want the services of a barber, we really save you money,” Halfhill said. “And we do good work.”

For example, the department charges about $15 for a color job, which usually costs around $75. Hair cuts from a barber are only $3.

“We still use Redkin products,” Jennifer Luke, student, said. “Yes, we use Redkin. It’s good stuff.”

At 11 a.m. on Dec. 9, the department will be holding a fashion show that will showcase fashion from the fifties up until present day styles.

“We don’t have a name for it yet, but we’re going to be putting up fliers on the campus,” Victoria Buskins, student, said.

“We’re trying to put a lot into it,” student  Anna Morbocker, said. “We don’t want it to be too cheesy.”

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