David Sedaris

by Kayla Belanger

Humorist, author, and social critic David Sedaris spoke to students at Pensacola State College (PSC) on (insert date). He delivers an informative lecture about writing as a beginner and shares his life experiences. 

David attended art school before becoming an author. He has been writing for years before college, but his knowledge of writing grew while in school. 

After college, he taught for a few years at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he didn’t feel qualified. It was at the Art Institute of Chicago where he started reading his work aloud. Soon he would be invited to do reading for large crowds. 

Sedaris said, “I was willing to admit defeat. I just thought this is what I want, and this is who I am, and I’m not going to change who I am. What do I have to do to get where I want.” 

As a result, David moved to New York City to become a published writer. While in New York City, David learned what his strengths and weaknesses were. Such as asking for help and how to make his weaknesses work for him. 

With doing that he had to take a hard look at himself. 

In addition, David would go on to publish diaries throughout the years. The most recent diary includes the years 2003-2020, where he writes about current events and his opinions. 

Sedaris also traveled and lived in many places such as Japan, London, and France. He talks about being an outsider in other countries and how difficult it is coming home to the states. The work ethic is different, and the atmosphere. 

During Sedaris’s travels throughout other countries, he endured some rude individuals, which he now uses as fuel for his writing.