Edward M. Chadbourne Library opens doors

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Edward M. Chadbourne Library opens doors

Rows of shelves are lined with books: some new, with stiff spines, crisp pages and ink so fresh it’s almost wet to the touch. Others are older, their covers softened by time and by the thousands of hands that have held them.

These books and the library they belong to have been missing from PJC’s campus since June 2008 and the old saying ‘you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ rings true. Moving into the student services building last spring, the library has been displaced for some time.

But the wait is over and librarian, Winifred Bradley, says that the transformation has been amazing. Estimated at $9 million, the state-funded renovation includes a new wing with several classrooms, as well as a new layout in the original library building.

Named after Mr. Edward M. Chadbourne, the new library is due to open its doors August 17.

Mr. Chadbourne owns a local construction company in Pensacola. Taking a portion of his profits every year, he helps provide money for college to those who need it. His generosity has already helped over 500 PJC students continue their education.

Bradley insists that the new library, located in Bldg. 20, is worthy of the name it holds. With over 80,000 books to choose from, it is nothing short of amazing. Its turquoise, blue, and grey theme gives the building a relaxed atmosphere. With chairs and couches around every corner, Bradley hopes the students will feel welcome.

For access to the library, students will need to make sure they have a PJC identification card with them. Current students need to get the new ID card made, because the library’s system won’t recognize the old one.

New ID cards can be made in Bldg. 6, room 651. Any questions can be answered by calling 484-2033.

As before, the library has 44 computers available for student use. There is also Wi-Fi in the building and students are welcome to bring their own laptops.

New additions include six study rooms that students can sign up for, and a copy room. But again, students will need their ID cards for access to all features. Two large conference rooms will also be available to both PJC and the community for use.

The law library has been relocated from its former home downtown, to the main campus. PJC’s law classes will now be largely located in classrooms in Bldg. 20.

The law library will be upstairs along with general books available for check-out. The periodicals, the computers, and the reference section will be downstairs.

A new coffee shop has also been added during the renovations, although it’s not due to open until September. The vending company’s name has yet to be released, but Bradley is sure it will be a great treat for students and faculty at the college.

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