Email is no longer enough

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PSC needs to step up its communication game. 

In a world full of advancing technology, it should be expected that an institution in charge of educating young minds would be fully intent on keeping with the times. 

Instead, there’s a serious disconnect between administration and the student body, stemming from their differences in communication.

It’s not that PSC doesn’t have the means to change.

All it would take is a simple switch to sending out important messages to students from email to text. 

Simple enough. 

So why not make an effort?

Using a more efficient and modern way of communicating is important because it keeps students informed of any necessary information. 

It’s no longer a matter of urging students to check their emails regularly to make sure they’re not missing campus events or class registration deadlines.

This is not an earth-shaking change to the way things are done. It’s a simple switch of how information gets sent out. 

Sure, emails are convenient for the faculty and staff who have grown accustomed to this outdated way of communication, but for the 9,000 students at PSC, it only makes being a student more complicated. 

“Bad timing.” “Hard to find info.” “Communication should be a top goal.” “Outdated.” “Lacking and is in much need of improvement.”

These are actual comments made by students when asked about PSC’s email communication system.

We are the next generation of graduates and scholars. Our voice in this matter is valid and should be taken seriously by those who have taken it upon themselves to educate us.

Be reminded that those who do not change with the times are often left behind as a thing of the past. 

In these uncertain times, staying relevant by means of modernity and safety means that faculty-student communication must be improved.

For the sake of everyone involved, treasured students, and beloved school, do not let PSC be left behind.