Flash Sale at all PSC Campus Bookstores

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Flash Sale at all PSC Campus Bookstores
Photo By: Ally Doty
Photo By: Ally Doty

By: Ally Doty

The Folletts Pensacola State College Bookstore is having a Flash Sale today,  Feb. 20 and tomorrow, Fed. 21 in order to say goodbye to the fall season and to encourage students to make the bookstore a part of their everyday lives.

Beth Smithers, store manager at the Pensacola Main Campus, is looking to allow the bookstore to be more student-friendly with new merchandise such as fun-colored cheap t-shirts, healthy snacks, headphones and cheaper sweatshirts for students who can’t afford to pay an arm and a leg.

One of the ways they are doing that is with a Flash Sale that occurs a few times a semester, depending on when Follett wants to have the sale, and occurs at every campus location; Milton, Warrington and South Santa Rosa Campus

“We are having a lot of changes in our own company,” Smithers said. “And we want students to be able to see this as, not just as your bookstore, but your campus store. We don’t have just textbooks here, we have food, we have snacks, we have clothing, so just like regular retail we are going to have regular sales.”

The sale is on “select items” such as sweatshirts, drink ware, writing instruments, backpacks, bargain books and some of the reference books that are 25% off.  Also, all clearance items are an additional 25% off.  

Another contributing factor that Smithers would like students to be aware of is the variety of snacks the bookstore has to offer. They sell the usual candy bars and soda, but what most students are not aware of are the healthy snacks, such as nuts, fruit cups and power bars, that the bookstore offers as well.

“We would like to get the word out that we sell these particular snacks,” Smithers said. “For students that want to eat healthy on campus. Just a couple more options for students on the go and who don’t have time to stop and eat.”

A majority of students who spend time in the student center between classes can be seen with headphones in their ears to block out the rest of the world while the sleep, study or just blatantly want to ignore everyone else. The bookstore has headphones in stock and 25% off for the next two days.

“It is usually a two-day sale. We try to get the message out on our Facebook page that the sale is coming so students are aware of it,” Smithers concluded.  

Students can sign up online for emails or texts  from the bookstore that will alert them when the flash sales are occurring.

Visit your student bookstore in building 5, the student center, for more information on the Flash Sale.