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Matt Foster

Published: October 12, 2005

The cheering, sold-out, Ashmore auditorium on the Pensacola campus played host to the “FLY Dance Company” which performed on Saturday, Oct. 8th.

FLY, listed on their website as an “all-male group of street dancers,” is an innovative contemporary dance troupe that merges everything from hip-hop to classical music with one-of-a kind choreography.

The four-person group from Houston, Texas was an instant hit from the moment they came on stage.

“The crowd was awesome,” said Catherine Florian, a PJC student who was serving as monitor for the event. “They clapped and stomped their feet and screamed.”

“Nobody left at intermission. Everyone stood up and screamed. Everyone was getting into it.”

The show included song selections ranging from Michael Jackson and James Brown, to the Temptations and Vivaldi.

“They did everything,” Florian said. “They had an excellent variety of music and did everything from break dancing to hip hop.”

After the two-hour performance had ended, the group took time to meet and greet audience members in the lobby.

“It was relaxing,” Florian said. “The older people cracked jokes and said that they used to do stuff like that when they were young and some of the kids were trying to do the moves.”

The group is made up of George Casco, Isaac Barron, Rock Williams, and Javier Garcia.

Together, they mix a variety of props such as skateboards, flags, and even rubber ducky boxer shorts with their unique style of dance to give an entertaining and oftentimes humorous performance.

According to Florian, the group is just a bunch of normal everyday people.

“At the end, one of them asked me out to eat,” said Florian. “They were all really friendly, but I had to get to bed early so I could see my boyfriend the next morning.”

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