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Rebecca Byers

The Corsair


Are you a Veteran who wants to go to college? Veterans Upward Bound at Pensacola State College offers free assistance to all veterans in hopes of empowering them by preparing them for college.


According to Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) brochure, the program is funded by a grant from the Department of Education. The program also offers veterans free classes that build their skills for college, making them successful in their career. Free financial aid is provided out of assistance , and college and career counseling.


“Veterans Upward Bound provides pre-college refresher training for veterans to help bring there skill back up to college level.” Nikkol Wymer, Administrative Assistant, said.


The Free academic preparation courses, workshops and tutoring include English (grammar and composition), math (basic through algebra), science, reading, literature, computers and foreign languages.


“The benefits veterans have give them about three years of schooling and are used up by these remedial and refresher courses, so instead of three years of classes they only get two years.” Wymer said.


The program also offers academic success topics such as goal setting, study skills, time management, career and program information, admissions and financial aid, and academic counseling referrals.


Free college visits, concerts, plays, historic tours, etc are available while sharing the camaraderie of fellow veteran students.


“I was in a math class and had been out of school for 8 years, and the refresher assistance is really helpful.  It’s worth taking the time to do.” Fawn Hill, a graduate of the Veterans Upward Bound program, said.


In the Veterans Upward Bound program, individual educations plans are designed for each participant.  Individual needs and goals are incorporated into the education plan designed to make each veteran post- secondary ready.  Preparation for obtaining GED certification is offered with instruction, and preparation for a college entrance exam, such as the ACT test as well as tutorial services in all areas are available.

Veterans are eligible for the program if they are undergraduate students seeking AA/AS/AAS degree, BA/BS degree or vocational certificate, served over 180 days on active duty with any discharge other than dishonorable, first generation college students (parents did not earn a Bachelor’s Degree before the veteran turned 18), and if they are low income earners.


The Veterans Upward Bound office is located in Bldg. 6 in room 651. Veterans Upward Bound is now accepting new applicants.  Veterans can call the VUB office to determine their eligibility.  To apply for VUB, stop by their office for more information and instructions.  Their office hours are 8:am to 4pm Mon. – Fri, or you can call their office at ( 850)- 484-2068.