Getting around campus with disabilities.

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Have you ever walked around campus and noticed a disabled student or faculty member? Do you wonder how they are able to get around campus with all the stairwells and steps?

Without the assistance of others, disabled people have a hard time negotiating steps. That’s why Pensacola State College’s campus is equipped with elevators and wheelchair ramps.

These additions to the campus buildings has made getting around much easier for persons of all disabilities, whether they are visually impaired or confined to a wheelchair.

Amanda Nelson, a student here at Pensacola State, has a disability called Night blindness. Amanda was diagnosed with this disability in May of this year. Her disability is defined as the inability to see clearly in dim light; due to a deficiency of vitamin A or a retinal disorder.

Amanda uses a cane to walk around and uses several types of software to assist her with her studies. She uses zoom text, a high powered magnifier, that she uses to see her computer screen. The program also tells her what is going on when she is using the computer. She also uses reading program called Kurzweil 3000, to access her textbooks and other reading materials. She uses a telescope to see the board in class.

” The elevators are very helpful and so are the ramps. I use the ramps more often than I do the elevators”, Amanda said.

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