Gingrich and Romney: The Campaign Intensifies in Florida

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Gingrich and Romney: The Campaign Intensifies in Florida

Adriana Dueck

The Corsair

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney made several stops this weekend throughout the Sunshine State to promote their campaigns, and in the process made stops in Pensacola.  Romney was greeted by cheers and “I voted, you’re hired” signs at the Atlas Fish House Saturday Jan. 28 morning at 8 a.m. and on Monday Jan. 30 at 10 a.m. Gingrich was welcomed by a crowd of enthusiastic voters armed with hand-drawn “Newt It” signs at the Naval Air Center.  After watching a series of feisty debates, the citizens of Pensacola were ready to meet their President-elect candidates.  Romney’s supporters sipped coffee and spoke to one another expectantly, ready to stand behind the man they believed will win the election in November.  Voters at the Gingrich rally waved signs, cheered, and danced to alternative rock music while they waited for Speaker Gingrich to take the stage; and yelled “No-Bama” once it was his turn to take the podium.  Once the candidate’s main speeches were finished at both rallies, people swelled to the front to shake hands and ask questions about important issues when the candidate was in reach.

Mitt Romney brought with him a host of endorsers, both celebrity and political, including actor Jon Voight, Senator John McCain, and Congressman Jeff Miller.  Voight began the  introduction with a brief history of Romney since they have known each other, and highlighted on his values and character.

“Governor Romney is a man of faith, honor, love, and truth.  These are the first and very important qualities a President must have,” Voight said.

John McCain then took center stage and after an endless string of jokes on military life and politicians, spoke on the importance of Romney’s desire to bring America’s core values to the forefront as President.  After several more speakers, Romney took the podium and spoke on his experience as a businessman, America’s military history, and his plan to build the economy once he is elected.  He promised to “add 100,00 more jobs to the military instead of cutting 100,000”.

“I will fight with all of my energy to keep America the strong nation it’s been and the hope of the earth, and the shining city on a hill,” Romney said at the rally.

Newt Gingrich was accompanied by his wife Callista, radio show host and son of ex-President Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, and Representative Bob Livingston.  Reagan spoke on Gingrich’s experience under his father, President Ronald Reagan while Livingston highlighted Gingrich’s ability to unify the Republican party as Speaker of the House.  After being introduced by Reagan, Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich took the stage where Newt continued to emphasize his being the most qualified candidate to be President.  He criticized Romney, the media, and President Obama’s spending and stated that his campaign would “prove over the next several months that people power can beat money power,” a statement met by thunderous applause.

After both rallies were finished and the voters had a chance to speak to or shake hands with their candidates, Gingrich and Romney were off again on the campaign trail.  Tomorrow evening we will see the fruits of their hard labor, and then business will continue as usual when they continue on to the next state and the next race.