Glenn Beck: standing up for the truth

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by Dana Whitten – The Corsair

If you were to go to Google and search for Glenn Beck, you would see thousands of pages related to the radio or the news. As you scroll down and see all the things this man has accomplished, you will be dumbfounded by his immense success. But, what is really impressive is his nationwide popularity. His rare and amusing personality has attracted audiences all over America who say he makes watching the news a privilege instead of a responsibility.

In my case, it’s none of these things that catch my attention, but more so how honest Beck is, even in the face of the tiger. Because of his honesty and unwillingness to back down, the government and its so-called “followers” have labeled Beck as a conspiracy theorist. I beg to differ. The term “conspiracy theorist” gives the connotation of a paranoid lunatic who comes up with unfounded conspiracy stories. I’m sure many of you have watched the show and agree with me that not only is Beck perfectly sane, but he also has proof and obvious facts to back up his statements and accusations.

I have been watching Beck ever since he started with Fox News in January 2009, and I have never heard him make a statement without telling you why, how, when, and where. For instance, in October 2009, political strategist Anita Dunn claimed that Fox News is a “wing of the republican party” and that Fox News is full of lies. Beck responded by hooking up a one-line phone to the White House and basically begging them to call and correct any inaccurate information. Go figure, they never called and still haven’t to this day.

Later that week, Beck showed a video clip in which Anita Dunn said her two favorite “political philosophers,” and the two people she turns to most, are Mao Se Tung and Mother Theresa. Afterwards he read a quote from Mao that says, “People who try to commit suicide, don’t attempt to save them! China is such a populous nation, it is not as if we cannot do without a few people.” The woman who is trying to deface Beck worships a man who thinks people are numbers. Isn’t that one of the biggest problems in today’s world? Sure, I agree there are way too many people in China but that gives absolutely no right to make statements as such and then act as if you are morally correct.

With a mentality like that as a chairman, America is going to have a big problem soon. The second there are too many people, they’ll be putting us into camps and starting a new Hitler era. Now that is a conspiracy theory.

My knowledge of the government and other political institutions has been multiplied by a thousand thanks to Beck’s talk shows, as well as the millions of people who watch him religiously; even on the weekends. I have an enormous amount of respect for anyone who can stand up and say the truth when it needs to be said. No doubt Beck is the man for the job; I reasoned with myself that I had to defend him for his persistence, dedication, and passion for making sure the people of America stay informed. Many news shows criticize Beck for his spunky attitude and heartfelt tears but that is simply because he earned the respect of literally almost all of their audiences and continues to awe people with his courage and decency. Here’s to you Glenn Beck, I’m with you one hundred percent.