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Hidden Figures Soundtrack Review

By Kelli Green

Pharrell Williams acts as the producer and songwriter for the soundtrack to the inspiring 2016 Box Office hit, “Hidden Figures”. The music for the film is performed by Pharrell himself, along with artists Lalah Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Kim Burrell and one of the film’s stars, Janelle Monae.

The ten tracks on this album are all so powerful. Many of the songs take hold of the listener and move them, both literally and figuratively.

The first song on the soundtrack is, “Runnin’” which is performed by Pharrell. Runnin’ is the film’s feature song and it is played in the film. There are points in the movie in which Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) has to run between the “Colored” restroom and the office building in which she works. The rapid clicks of her heels on the pavement are highlighted beautifully by Pharrell singing in the background about running towards a better future.

“Crave” is the second song on the album. In the beginning of the song Pharrell raises the question, “Can you move like that?” This inquiry along with the upbeat, old-school flow makes it hard not to try and show off a few moves.

“Jalapeño” is the 9th track on this album. Janelle Monae -who co-stars in the film as, Mary Jackson- passionately declares that her heart is on, “Fuego” in this energetic song. “Fuego” is the Spanish term for fire, and that perfectly describes this sexy tune about a hot and fiery love.  

Some of the tracks like “Mirage” by Mary J. Blige make you want to get up and dance. While songs like “Able” (Williams), “Crystal Clear” (Williams) and “Apple” (Keys), have you ready to grab your romantic interest by the hand and declare your love and power as a union.  

Then you can get your motivation and inspiration by Gospel-themed tunes like “Surrender” (Hathaway & Williams) “I See Victory” by Kim Burell and- you guessed it- Pharrell Williams!

“Hidden Figures”, is a movie about three women with passion, drive, determination and love.
This collection of thoughtful lyrics along with attention grabbing music capture those feelings. Pharrell blends, R&B, Jazz , Gospel and classic old school sounds with a modern flare to create this amazing original soundtrack.

Photo Courtesy of FOXMOVIES.COM