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Rachel Strehlow

Published: August 23, 2005

Angel Hill has officially stepped down from her position as the head of PJC’s rape risk reduction program.

“She had the opportunity to teach full time in Santa Rosa County,” said her husband, student activities director Dennis Reynolds.  “She’s teaching seventh grade.  People think she’s crazy, but she loves teaching.”

Reynolds said the program was effective under her direction.

“(In) just about each and every class, one person would come up to her or ask where they can go to get more information,” he said.

Funded by a grant, Hill’s job entailed attending PJC club meetings to inform them how to prevent rape.

“The clubs were funded through student activities and then for them to receive next year’s funding they were required to have her come and speak to the club,” Reynolds said.

Emily Mahood, currently working in the Student Activities center, is scheduled to replace Hill.

“I have been here in this department [Student Activities] running the volunteer program and working with student organizations in that capacity. When [Hill] left, the college felt it was in the best interest of the students if we kept both programs, so the decision was made to merge them since I was a current staff member with experience in both arenas. So what it’ll end up being is the office of outreach and community service,” Mahood said.

The general sessions are 50 minutes long, according to Mahood.

“Rape is a lot more common than one would think,” Mahood said.  “It’s not just strangers raping women in the streets in the middle of the night. Rape can happen to anyone, even by people that you know well.”

Mahood will go through training in the next two weeks before officially taking Hill’s place as head of the program.

For rape information, check out Rape 101: Resources and Education for Stopping Rape at http://www.rape101.com/

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