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Isaiah Grant

The Corsair

Several weeks ago, I wrote a column concerning the Pine Forest Eagles football team.

Prior to last week, the Eagles were coming off two consecutive road losses and hoped their homecoming game against the Tate Aggies would redeem them.

This past Friday, I walked to the high school to take in the Aggies-Eagles duel; the Eagles won the duel 39-0.

The margin of victory was not as huge as in the Arlington Country Day game, for the Aggies are divisional rivals who play the Eagles annually.

The Eagles are at .500 with a 2-2 record, but they’ve outscored their opponents 146-55 through four games.

They’re better than their record indicates. Their highest margin of defeat in the season is 17 points at the hands of the Pace Patriots, a football powerhouse in the Greater Pensacola area.

They experienced their other loss on a last-second field goal to lose by three points to the Niceville Eagles.

I may basically write about the Pine Forest Eagles for the fall because of the relatively close proximity from the high school to my trailer. I may attend another game, somewhere around town, this Friday to praise a team and their performance like I do the Pine Forest Eagles.

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