Humans of PSC October 2017

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Humans of PSC October 2017

Eviana Linder

Do you have a favorite class?

Probably music appreciation with Mr. Jernigan.

Do you have any study tips?

Well, this year is my first year, and I’m just getting the hang of it myself, but I just keep up with my emails, and I write down what I need to know and what the upcoming dates are.

Where do you plan to transfer after PSC?

University of Arizona because my family is there, and I hear they have a great medical program.


Tristan Wood

What is your favorite activity to do during Halloween?

I am adopted, so I only take my siblings out trick or treating.
I do like making costumes for people to wear. I also enjoy the face painting

What is your favorite movie during Halloween?

Since everyone has been talking about the “IT” movie, it would
be interesting to go see that, but I don’t really have a favorite movie during

What is your favorite Candy during Halloween?

I do not have a sweet tooth, so I can’t make candy
recommendations. I probably eat candy about only once month. I didn’t eat candy
as a kid either. I just never really had a taste for candy. If I had to, it
would probably be fruit flavored.

Katherine Benoit

What is your Favorite activity during Halloween?

Well I religiously celebrate Halloween because it’s one of my
favorite holidays, so I like all activities. I dressed up as Ms. Frankenstein
last year.

What is your favorite movie during October?

I love the Halloween musical ‘wicked.’ It showed the different
sides of the witches.

What is your favorite candy to eat during Halloween?

3 Musketeers. I like it because it is straight chocolate.
Snickers has a weird texture to it and it’s mixed with a bunch of other things
like peanuts.