Is your ‘Fantasy’ coming true?

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Carlus Page

Published: January 8, 2006

So you’ve heard the term “fantasy football” but still aren’t quite sure what it is?  Fantasy Football has been played for more than 20 years, becoming ever so popular over the past six. 

Curtis Stothers, a U.S. Marine and college student, says he has been playing Fantasy Football since 1995. 

“I don’t like how the game has become commercialized.  All you’re required to do is sign on and play.  You don’t even have to be a football fan,” Stothers said.

ÿFantasy Football allows the ultimate football fan to take an active, personal role in professional football. 

“I really enjoy the game and it’s fulfilling to beat all of my friends who think they know it all,” Stothers said.

The fun of Fantasy Football is assuming roles similar to that of NFL personnel.  You gain the ownership of your own team with the combined responsibility of a scout and general manager.

During the making of the team the fan must first be a member of a Fantasy League.  Leagues are usually formed with 10 to 14 of these fans, who have the freedom of manning their own unique roster.

Once a league has been created and all the teams have been established, each fan may draft players to their roster from real NFL teams.  Before the start of the NFL regular season, owners will choose the best players in what is called a fantasy draft in hopes of owning the best team.  After the completion of the draft, the team is ready for battle on the cyber gridiron. ÿ

It does not matter what NFL team your players play for.  As far as you are concerned they are all on the same team: your team.  Eventually you will watch games on Sunday and have only one focus in mind, your Fantasy team.

Paul Wimberly, Jr., 20, a PJC freshman said this was his first year playing Fantasy Football.   “I wanted to try something new and see what all of the fuss was about.”

Each owner competes in a head-to-head game every week against other owners in their league.  Owners choose their lineups each week with the players they think are likely to produce the best statistics.  All of the players’ stats will be tracked and added together to determine the points each owner receives for their team.  The team with the most points receives credit for the win.

 “Playing Fantasy Football you definitely have to pay more attention to the game of football,” Wimberly said.  “Losing focus can cause you to lose games and affect the outcome of your season and the success of your team.”  These outcomes could mean not going to the playoffs, or it could mean winning it all.