Lady Pirates Basketball Team Have an Undefeated Season!

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Going back and forth through out the whole first half, and bringing the score to a tie 4 times, the Lady Pirates remain undefeated!

Gulf Coast (14-10) showed a lack of sportsmanship through out the game with uncalled fouls. “we played our best and didn’t let them intimidate us, which is why we made a win” said Karneshia Garrett for Pensacola.

Both teams were running back and forth across the court during the first half to get to the ball in the basket.

During the second half, the pirates kept the all away from Gulf Coast and only let them shoot the minimum amount of points.

15 minutes into the second half, Gulf Coast got 3 fouls called on them within 30 seconds, all for pushes.

The pirates had back to back shots during the first half, and won with a score of 97-78.

“The whole team has given their heart” said Head Coach Chanda Rigby. “We’re livin’ a dream.”

Jessica Merritt, Karneshia Garrett, Meghan Perkins, Tawanna Lee, and Brandy Broome all had double digits throughout the game.

This is the first time in 17 years that the Lady Pirates basketball team is undefeated.