Lady Pirates Dominate Tallahassee

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Staying ahead through out the whole game and not letting Tallahassee(13-9) catch up, the Lady Pirates(26-0) once again win their 27th consecutive game, and keep their title as no. 1 in the nation.
The lady Pirates celebrated sophomore night with a 98- 53 win against Tallahassee Community College.

“We fought our hardest through out the whole game, and didn’t give up” said head coach Chanda Rigby.

The Lady Pirates didn’t let Tallahassee score until 5 minutes into the game, and they didn’t once let them get ahead.

During the second half, the Lady Pirates kept above a 30 point lead and won the game.

Brandy Broome, Meghan Perkins, Jessica Merritt, Darnisha Hamilton, and Karneshia Garrett all scored double digits during the game.

Coaches from The University of Alabama were at the game watching their future players Meghan Perkins and Jessica Merritt score during the game.

“I didn’t really get nervous having the Alabama coaches there” said Jessica Meritt. “I have to play for them in the future anyway so I had to get all of the jitters out of me. I had a great time”

For the first time in 17 years, the Lady Pirates are Panhandle Champions.

The Lady Pirates last home game for the season is this Wednesday February 16th against Gulf Coast Community College at 5:30 p.m.

March 2-5, both men and womens teams will travel to Marianna Fla. For the state conference.

-Hanna Moulder