Lady Pirates Take The Win Against Tallahassee Community College

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Shauna Cook

The Corsair

The Lady Pirates played Tallahassee Community College on Wed., Feb. 8 and added another  Conference win to their season. Starting for the Lady Pirates was #3 Brandy Broome, #11 Ricki Alex, #15 Jasmine Richardson, #22 Kyana Jacobs, and #40 Brittany Watkins. Starters for the Lady Eagles was #5 Shanequa Phifer, #14 Christina Solmon, #15 Natasha Ballard, #23 Zairra Harris and #50 Jasmine Floyd.

 Right away the Lady Eagles took the lead and remained ahead the first half of the game leaving the score 37-32 at half-time. In the first half Kyana Jacobs racked up 10 points of her overall 15 points for the game. For the Lady Eagles #5 Shanequa Phifer brought her team 11 points in the first half and overall scored 21 points for TCC.

 The half-time entertainment was provided by Pensacola Gymnastics that had girls perform ranging from the  ages of  3-15. These girls train on the Pensacola State College campus and showed off their skills of various flips and moves.

In the second half, it took no time for the Lady Pirates Jasmine Richardson to make a 3 pointer tying  the score 37-37 with 17:58 on the clock. From there it was a back and forth hustle. Lady Eagles took the lead again with the Lady Pirates pushing with refusal to back down. With 16:06 on the clock a Technical was called on both Ronika Ransford for the Lady Pirates and Shanequa Phifer for the Lady Eagles for unsportsman like conduct.

With 14:09 on the clock and the Lady Pirates down by 7 and then down by 11 with 9:27 on the clock, the Lady Pirates felt the pressure and gave it their all to take the lead and remain ahead with 5:20 on the clock and taking the win against the Lady Eagles 70-63. This leaves the record for the Lady Pirates at 20-2 overall and 7-1 in conference. In the polls rankings, Lady Pirates remain #1 in State and #4 in National.

Top scorers for the Lady pirates were;Ronika Ransford with 15 points, Kyana Jacobs with 15 points, and  Brandy Broome with 12 points. Top scorers for the Lady Eagles were; Shanequa Phifer with 21 points, Yanique Gordan with 12 points, and Zairra Harris with 11 points.

The Lady Pirates will be heading to Panama City on Wednesday, Feb. 15  for their third game against Gulf Coast Community College, currently ranked #2 in State and #6 in National, with tip off at 5:30p.m. Their next home game is Saturday, Feb.18 against Northwest Florida, currently ranked #4 in State and #9 in National.