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College now offers online degrees

Tim Ajmani
The Corsair

Do you have a tight schedule? Issues with getting to the campus? A Lifestyle that causes conflict in attending class? Then eLearning, Pensacola State College’s online educational system, is for you.

eLearning allows students some flexibility in how they choose to obtain their education from Pensacola State College. Students have the option of taking individual classes online, or if they choose, complete an entire degree program through the eLearning system.

Registering for a course through the eLearning system is no different from registering for a class on one of the Pensacola State College campuses, according to Dr. Bill Waters, director of distributed learning. It is all done through the Spyglass application on the college Web site.

Students registering for eLearning courses are able to choose from two types: a distance learning course or a hybrid course.

Distance learning courses allow students to fulfill the requirements of the course without having to come onto a Pensacola State campus. Hybrid courses use the eLearning system as a complementary addition to on-campus instructional time.

Students should consider several factors when deciding to register for eLearning courses. A key asset to succeeding in eLearning courses is time management; sometimes it is difficult for students to set aside a specific time of the day for their eLearning course.

It is also important that a student has adequate knowledge of today’s technology and the internet. Before each eLearning course begins, students are given the option of taking a Distance Learning Preview Course, which gives students an overview of how to navigate and access all of the features of eLearning.

“For any [prospective] eLearning student, I would encourage them to do that,” Waters said.

For students who wish to complete an entire degree on the eLearning system, several options are available. Two associate in arts programs are available: General Studies and Business. eLearning also offers two certificate programs: Accounting Technology Management and Office Clerk. The most popular online program is the General Studies (AA) degree.

There is no difference on the transcript between a degree that has been completed online and one that has been done on campus. The programs online also follow the same two year path as their on-campus obtained counterparts.

Given that the technology in today’s world is always advancing, it’s a good bet that eLearning will become more advanced and better equipped to fit Pensacola State students needs.

“We’re currently working on a number of other programs,” Waters said.

The eLearning system is just another tool offered by Pensacola State to provide the best possible education to its students. For more information on the eLearning system and its courses, visit the Pensacola State College and eLearning Web sites.


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