Let them Eat Pi!

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Let them Eat Pi!

By Charles Davis III

If you happen to be walking through the student center and wonder about all of the activities that were going on, they were apart of the math department’s celebration of National Pi Day!


National Pi Day is the celebration of the mathematical term Pi (π) which is celebrated March 14, (3.14) which are the first three numbers of Pi.

“There’s pie and pizza during today’s event which makes it even better.” student Keegan Sweet. Pizza Pie was also provided by student activities.


There were also Pi Day trivia, games, and puzzles along with free mini pies. To keep with the theme of pie, there were knocker balls for the students to enjoy and relieve stress while waiting for their pizza.


“We’ve got hula hoops anything that’s round or a circle because if you calculate Pi it’s actually the circumference of circle divided by the diameter of circle,” says Kathy Schultz, a professor in the math department.


“Even our tables are circular so we try to keep the theme goin’.”


Many students came out to support the special mathematic day and brought friends to participate in the day’s festivities.


“PI Day was awesome! It was fun knocking each other down with the knocker balls and really enjoying the little things life,” said theatre major Elijah Posey.