Lewallyn, Angus open up about AD

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The spring sports season opened with a passing of the guard as new athletic directors took over PSC’s athletics department. Coach Bryan Lewallyn and Coach Lindsey Angus now serve as the Athletic Director and Associate athletics director.

Both coaches have continued to serve as the head coaches of their prospective sports teams. Coach Lewallyn serves as the head baseball coach and Coach Angus serves as the softball coach, but both now have the added responsibility of learning the ins and outs of the administrative side of the athletic department.

“Right now it’s not really anything out of the ordinary.” Lewallyn said. “I think once we get into the summer and hopefully get back to a normal schedule next year, learning how things work from an administrators stand point will kind of open my eyes.”

“Adjusting to the new role as associate athletic director has been challenging at times such as completing eligibility for the 5 teams competing this spring within the first 2 weeksof the semester” said Angus.

Lewallyn goes on to discuss how his already established relationship as a coach has helped the dynamic flow smoothly between himself and Coach Angus. Even before being administrators, the coaches bounce ideas off of each other, which has made becoming a dynamic duo all the more easier.

“I’m so thankful for the support of Coach Lewallyn, the other head coaches, assistants, staff, and PSC as a whole as we move forward, especially in the unprecedented season” Angus said.

PSC athletics has built its foundation on the idea of academics first and then teamwork. In fact, the department maintains a 3.0 gpa for the past few years. Lewallyn hopes to continue building on this principle as the years progress.

“We’ll (the coaches) all sit down this summer and say ‘hey what can we do a better job of? how do we continue to grow and move forward?’” Lewallyn said.

One of the largest challenges Coach Lewallyn discusses as the new director is mainly learning the ropes and in turn directing others as to who to contact. He goes on to discuss another challenge of balancing his coaching duties as well his administrative duties.

“The administrative side of things comes first,” Lewallyn said “Fortunately, I have a wife and daughters who are ultra supportive and love athletics. They understand that is a part of the job.”