Life of a Student Athlete

Life of a Student Athlete

By Serena Robinson

COVID-19 has been an ongoing problem all over the world. Specifically, the impact on sports today has been significant. 

At Pensacola State College (PSC), the impact of COVID-19 on student-athletes on campus has been evident.

This pandemic is affecting everyone but for student-athletes like women’s basketball team member, 

Jade Hill, the pandemic has taken a toll on all sports.“We have had to get our whole season pushed back to January and we can’t even use our own locker room,” Hill said.

“In the beginning, the restrictions placed on us were honestly hard to actually realize the reality of it all. We had to be six feet minimum away from each other, we couldn’t really high-five each other whenever one of us did something that deserved to be noticed and it was hard,” Hill said. “Now it’s just the reality of keeping not just myself, but also my fellow teammates and coaches safe also in order to surpass this. Whenever that will be”

Before the pandemic outbreak, student-athletes were able to have their regular season start,  and they were able to have a normal routine. 

Now, student-athletes on campus have to social distance both in buildings and outside of buildings. Having to readjust to all of the new rules and remedies has been an interesting change. “It’s definitely something to get used to,” Hill said.

The athletes have to wear masks in the weight room while lifting weights.“Sometimes it gets frustrating because you have to control your breathing in the mask,” Hill said.

The student-athletes get regularly tested every two to three weeks at PSC. The women’s basketball team has been the only team so far with all players testing negative.

For players on teams such as volleyball, softball and baseball, it has been challenging for them as well. 

This pandemic is making all sports take precautions to be very sanitary and clean. “We have to spray the balls before and after we use them,” Sandford said.

Brooklyn Sandford explains how, since a couple of their players tested positive for COVID, many precautions were taken.“We have to quarantine for two weeks and the players tested positive have to do it for another week,” Sandford said. 

Sandford expresses her frustration with the pushbacks to practice and sometimes having to go individually to workout. “It is frustrating to the point where I am ready for COVID-19 to be over with,” Sandford said. 

Student-athletes at PSC are still trying to adjust to the new normal. That means following the required guidelines to combat this as stated by scientists and others who have the knowledge of what it takes to get over this.