Liturgy, Sleigh Bells, and Diplo

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Liturgy, Sleigh Bells, and Diplo

Travis DeSimone.


On Monday night Vinyl Music Hall was packed. People had come from hither and yon to see Liturgy, Sleigh Bells, and Diplo. The three have recently embarked on the Paradise Lost tour across Florida, from Pensacola to Miami. Naturally I was shocked to find out that Sleigh Bells were going to be in Pensacola. Typically we don’t pick up these kinds of artists. Diplo visited us last fall for De Luna fest and it was very nice to have him back. Although I admit I am unfamiliar with Liturgy they put on a startlingly good set.

Liturgy is a four piece band describing themselves as Transcendental Black Metal. Although they only had two members with them for the show, they made excellent use of an electronic drums and loops that built up until they reached a critical mass; piercing vocals accompanied with explosive bass and the shrill wail of a distorted guitar. Their album Aesthethica came out last year in May. If you like Metal, I would propose a listen.


Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller are Sleigh Bells. Miller was formerly the guitarist for hardcore band Poison The Well, and Krauss formerly of Ruby Blue. Using high school drum cadences and power chords along with Krauss’s vocals, Sleigh bells brings it hard. This is what they should play at every pep rally; forever. Their new album Born To Lose is out on Valentine’s Day, so if you are going to be alone I suggest you go on a date with Sleigh Bells instead. This is what power pop should be.

Sleigh Bells

First and foremost, Diplo is Major Lazer. That should be enough for you. Blending Electro House, with Radio Rap, Dubstep, Mall Metal, and Classic Rock Diplo is an extremely eclectic DJ. He brought it hard. I didn’t think the crowd would have any energy after the Sleigh Bells set, but he managed to squeeze every last drop out of the kids, constantly reminding us that it was only Monday. If you haven’t heard Diplo before I would suggest picking up a Major Lazer album and going to town. For all thing Diplo, head over to Mad Decent.

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