Low Abortion Rates, What is the Cause?

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Low Abortion Rates, What is the Cause?

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By: Spenser Garber

           Abortion rates are the lowest for the first time since Roe v. Wade legalized it in 1973. Many things must be put into the thought of getting an abortion before deciding where you can stand on the issue. First, you’ve got to understand the facts.

            From 2008 to 2011, abortion rates fell 13%. This could be a correlation with the pregnancy rates, which are the lowest they’ve been in 12 years. In this same time period, unintended pregnancy rates declined.

            In the United States, 19% of facilities offering abortion procedures are abortion clinics. Of the abortions performed, 63% were performed at abortion clinics.

            Even though Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, 6 states have trigger laws (laws that can’t really be enforced) against it. Another 3 states plan to create trigger laws against it.

            Outside of the United States, most of Europe and northern Asia have legalized abortion. Other countries have it legal in cases of mother health and health of the fetus. In the southern hemisphere, abortion is nearly illegal. Many of these countries are extremely religious, war-torn countries that have bigger problems than these social issues.

            If abortion is completely legalized, clinics can perform safe abortions for the public. Unfortunately, clinics cannot publicize their ability to perform abortions in fear of the public harshly responding. It’s no secret that violent protesters have been at clinics in the past. According to the World Health Organization, 47,000 women died from unsafe abortions in 2008. This could have been prevented by understanding from the community about the reasons for abortion.

            The Planned Parenthood website can give vital information to people struggling with pregnancy. The current statistic is that 1 out of 3 women will have an abortion by age 45. If you or someone you know is having trouble with a pregnancy, have them contact their local doctor about options. Abortion doesn’t always have to be the way out.


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