Luca makes a splash onto Disney+

Luca makes a splash onto Disney+

by Sebastian Gordon

Image provided by IMDB

“Luca” became available on Disney Plus On June 13th, 2021, but it was never made available in U.S  theaters. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios, the movie is rated PG and has a runtime of 1 hour and 41 minutes. 

The movie earned 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a pretty high score. In addition, the movie has received many positive remarks from both critics and audiences. 

The fantasy film is set on the Italian Riviera in a fictional town called Portorosso. The town is known for hunting sea monsters. The story revolves around Luca Paguro, a sea monster who can  appear human on land. 

Luca’s parents discourage him from going to the surface because of the dangers. However, one day he meets his new best friend Alberto Scorfano, who is also a human appearing sea monster. Alberto teaches Luca about the human world.

To feel more freedom, they make the goal of obtaining a Vespa and exploring the world together. They decide to sneak into Portorosso, where they meet Giulia Marcovaldo. She is a human girl of the town who wants to beat Ercole Visconti (the town bully) at the local race. 

The three decide to team up. The triathlon involves swimming, pasta-eating, and biking. 

Giulia teaches Luca more about the human world and proves some of the information Alberto taught wrong. Luca’s wish changes to wanting to go to school and become even more educated.

After unforeseen circumstances,  many twists  take place. However, each character gains what they want/need in their lives. The ending is very bittersweet, and the simple story has been analyzed for several deeper meanings.

Overall, the story is about staying true to yourself. As one of the characters says about Luca, “Some people will never accept him, but some will, and he seems to know how to find the good ones.” 

Sebastian Zavala Kahn says, “It works well as an entertaining family experience, with an admirable message of inclusion and tolerance, and a very high quality of animation.”

“Adult men long to have that kind of closeness with their peers but are discouraged by society against it. These works often contain a kind of carefree nostalgia tinged with melancholy, which is what makes them so effective,” states Max Weiss.

 The movie is lighthearted and warm. Like several Disney films, it gives a sense of comfort to watchers. 

As the characters develop and gain more knowledge about the world they find themselves in, their aspirations change. Luca is described as “A  sweet, gentle, sun-kissed film, with gentle rhythms and a generous spirit,” by Max Weiss. 

I thought it was a very cute film. The plot was wholesome, and the characters were well thought out. It was charming and supportive of all the “underdogs” out there. 

I definitely recommend giving this film a watch. It’s a sweet film for individuals of all ages to watch. Overall I give it an 8.5/10.