Lunchtime Trivia Challenges Students

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Lunchtime Trivia Challenges Students
Beaux Bice(left) and Doug Weissman(right)        Photo by: Brianne Kuhnhausen

Student Activities held a lunchtime trivia session in the Student Center on Thursday, August 21, 2014.

Four teams of two or three students participated in the event. The four teams breezed through rounds one and two, but fumbled answering, as the questions became more and more challenging.

Questions ranged across a wide spectrum of topics, from knowing Walmart’s slogan, ‘save money, live better,’ to phrases from French.

It was neck and neck with the two top scoring teams until a trailing team surged forward during the last question. They pulled ahead and won when asked for the French translation of “high fashion.”

Using the knowledge they obtained at PSC, Doug Weissman and Beaux Bice stole the lead and won the trivia when they yelled “haute couture.”

“It was an outstanding feeling to be the comeback team,” said Weissman.

The two beamed with joy when they received their gift cards to Happy China and Outback Steak House.

The event was hosted by Student Activities and is just one of many events that will be held on campus this year.